Tuesday, January 23, 2007

reverse brief

I've wrote my 1st reverse brief, which was challenging.
I realized during this process that people use too many words to say too little most of the time. Rantings and ramblings don't belong in a brief, they are not necessary to get a point across.

As I looked at my many revisions, I started out with 2-4 sentences for each category. "Oh no! How is this going to be brief. I need to say all of this so I can be understood," I thought. But after a great deal of thought and work. I look at the final version. WOW, I was able to capture the essence of the brand with only a few words. Did I really do it?

If we could always be this efficient in describing things perhaps, there would be a smaller degree of misunderstandings in general. (We could only hope). To quote my mentor, she said, " Try making every 'bucket' four words or less," it helped me see a little truly can go along ways, especially in a creative brief.

I'm ready to do it again. It was "fun".


marc rapp said...

"reverse brief,"
Is this the same as "backing strategy into creative?" For example, creative was done first and then a complete brief written to go with it.

marc rapp said...

"Reverse brief,"–is that the same as backing strategy into the creative. For example, creative was done first and the strategy was written afterwards?