Saturday, January 27, 2007

creative briefs

This brief thing is getting better. This last brief wasn't as laboring as the my 1st. I am really getting this.

Russell Davies has created a wiki - that will eventually have templates for briefs. It is and will be nice to have different templates to work with for creative briefs and lots of other stuff, but I will have to remember don't just feel out the form. Think. Look past the obvious and create something different.

Any brief should answer these basic questions?

Decide the real reason why you are advertising the product/service.
What does it solve a problem for the consumer?
Think about what we really need to tell the consumer.
Think about how the product/service will benefit the consumer emotional.

This is the basic gist of any brief.
Just remember keep it short and sweet.
If anyone thinks that I should add anymore to this. email me and let me know.

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