Friday, February 2, 2007

meandering musings

As I am thinking about the whole blogging thing, I chose to keep it on a non-personal level and just talk about my musings on planning. I have decided sometimes to put my meandering thoughts here also, because as planners we do ramble and go on a bit. Ha ha. I do feel a bit insane, since having decided to write more in general not just here but in my life. I am going to try my hand at copywriting. Before and during my college days, I believed I was a good writer, I am not really sure when I started to believe I wasn't. As of very late my craft has started to rear its head. Pushing me to start on a writing adventure.

I have been reading a lot this past week, I am currently involved in 4 books. Two are about writing and two on planning/advertising. Hopefully I can start writing and get paid for it. I am excited about the changes are starting to occur in my life. I know I will end up, where I want to be.