Wednesday, February 7, 2007

my journey

Well I would like to thank Russell for putting a link to my blog on his. Hopefully any of you who stumble on the link would give me feedback on my writing. I would like it to be creative criticism not viciously mean. I'm still trying to find my voice on here.

I am involved an apprentice program with a Portland Account Planning Firm. January 2005, I found Lynette through Joe Duffy of Duffy+Partners. Last January, Lynette started me reading books on account planning to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into, before starting on this journey. Of becoming an account planner. I became a little confused about my choice in October when she gave me my first assignment and I had writer's block or that I could not come up with anything to write at all. Or so I thought. And to myself I thought this is really going to be way too difficult. But my job as a graphic designer at an awful company was clouding my mind to where I really couldn't see much of anything. There was an incident at that place that lead me to believe that I am making the correct choice. All culminating at the beginning of December and I discarded that place and those people.

I am an avid runner and in October my health was starting to go down hill. My legs were hurting so bad that I couldn't run or sleep very well, I was having heart palpitations. Within one week from leaving that place my legs were getting better and the palpitations were gone completely. I just can't believe I let people get to me in that way. I was there for 3 years and 2 weeks, and I knew after 2 years of being there I needed to make drastic changes in my life to be truly happy.

So since December I have been headstrong about this journey of mine.