Friday, April 6, 2007


Well, I'm getting in gear. I'm starting those manifestos. Why are VW and Harley so sticky as brands? Why do people want to have them? Are the real questions here.

I'm at my research point and gathering thoughts stage. The Harley-Davidson's stuff is really in my head. Because I think it falls into line with something me and one of my friends figured out when we were in high school. I have found that Harley is the ultimate non-conformist, and if you conform to non-conformism you still conform to something. Therefore you are still a conformist. Harley has taken this belief and turned it into a true lifestyle of the mostly rich and almost famous. Some of their commercials make me laugh when I think about it. Only be a Harley non-conformist on the weekends, and be a conformist during the week so you can afford me. Ha Ha Ha. These people are only fooling themselves.

If I'm going to be this cynical about this I guess I should say watch out.

And one more thing, is Account Planning changing names in the U.S. to Communication Strategist? Wow, that's very important sounding.