Saturday, March 31, 2007

my favorite place, austin

Well I'm in Austin this weekend. Yes, I am procrastinating a bit. As on April 1st, once I return home I will get my butt in gear.
I had to get my hair cut and hang out with old friends. And the fact I tried to inadvertently cut my thumb off this week with a broken blender are all reason why I couldn't start on those manifestos. Every time I hit my thumb in some way it begins to bleed.

Surprised it's not infected or I should say grateful. The traditional band-aids have not worked. This is Prolly TMI, I don't care. I could either use super glue to keep it from bleeding or which I did do. I purchase the Advance Band-aids. We'll see how well they will work other wise it will be the crazy glue for my thumb. it can' t fall I need opposable thumbs... for something.

it's 11 pm i've been up since 4:30 am I am going to pass out soon. and is the reason i have chosen to babble so.

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